This website exists purely for fun. If you do not like it, then thats fine with me.

  • Music
    • My limited involvement in making nice sounds.
    • Music that I like hearing.
  • Photography
    • My attempts at taking interesting pictures.
    • The photographic equipment that I have.
  • Programming
    • Some of my general programming interests.
    • RIPE - A interpretative application based on ANSI Forth, that I have used to create various applications (mainly for Windows based machines).
  • Radio
    • Some old radios that I have acquired.
    • The radio equipment that I currently use.
  • Telecommunications
    • My career. I have always been interested in telecommunications. My father was involved in communications / telecommunications from 1939 until he retired. So I guess you could say (I do) that it is in my blood.
    • Technology. My thoughts on what telecommunications is and some developments that in my opinion have shaped telecommunications.

Last update: 2014-06-22


When I started this web site the idea was to make available my Forth like interpreter program, which I call RIPE.

I could not use the domain RIPE since it belongs to someone else. So I decide on RipeTech instread.

 Rapid Interactive Programming Environment Technology

But when I think of the word ripe I often associate it with a old English folk song called Cherry Ripe by the poet Robert Herrick, with music by Charles Edward Horn.

It is amazing what they taught me in primary school around 1961.

So I created a (okay childish, maybe even stupid) logo based on two cherries on a stem.

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