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This is a tool that lets you browse through the contents of a web site without needing a Web page that specifically links to the content.

What I mean is, I only need to create a folder(s), with content, anywhere under and that content can be viewed by you.
I do not need to modify any script (html or other) in order to make those folders and content visible to you.

Why this tool?

I have recently scanned over 3000 images (paper pictures, 35mm negatives, 6x6 negatives and 6x6 slides). Only 2500 35mm slides still to be scanned ;-(
I wanted to combine them with my 25 thousand digital pictures and make them available to my family on a Raspberry pi web server accessible only on my home LAN. There is no way that I am going to write a set of Web pages to host all of these images.

I decide to write a server-side script using PHP to provide a sort of web explorer tool.
Then I realised that it works with my mp3 music collection, and my old (digitised) family videos, and and and ...
So I have this tool. My first PHP project. Not too big, less than 1500 lines, with lots of white space.

I have decided to make the tool available for others, and I thought that the proof of a pudding lies in the eating!

So here you have an online pudding!

The bottom (green) line of this page offers a number of link:
  • Disclaimer page. Read it. You have been warned!
  • An icon offering some help on this tool.
  • Contact page. My E-Mail address.



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Author: George Salisbury 2021-04-01 14:00
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